Park Presentation

                           MASTER PLAN 

 In the late 1990's I began to imagine what an ideal place to live might look like. My daughter was my main impetus, as I raised her the shortcomings of suburban sprawl became apparent. We had no open space, no place to roam, fish, or safely bike. So we began to dream, imagine and plan the ideal place.
  We wanted healthy food, ideally locally grown, prepared in small, artisan restaraunts. We wanted live music, we wanted to create and enjoy art. We wanted nature exposure, fresh air, and social fabric, Then we wanted all this within walking distance from our home, connected by  trails winding thru fields and forest, around ponds and over wetlands, under  arbors scented with rose, honeysuckle and Jasmine... and we wanted all this  totally separated from traffic.  A tall order, but after conceptualising the plan the property appeared, as if we manifested it! Below is the master plan for the North West quadrant of Montgomery. I hope you enjoy!